You might have heard iRoot Apk for Android or even iRoot for PC, right? Yes, it is one of the best one-click rooting app available for both Android phones & Windows computer to get instant root access. Let’s see how one could harness the power of iRoot (previously vroot apk) to get your device rooted.

Rooting an Android device has evolved a lot over the last few years and now you have meant that rooting a device simple. Earlier if you had to root an Android device you have to worry about a lot of things, one of them was whether you are skilled enough for rooting your phone and if you will mess up the entire process and thereby damage your Android device in some manner. The biggest risk of Android rooting your device is, failing at it and bricking your phone in the process.

For those of you who are not aware of what bricking means, “it refers to a consumer electronic device that has been damaged beyond repair, it loses its functionality.” You had to go through a lengthy process to root your device with iRoot apk you can root your device in a simple and effective manner and you don’t need to have any kind of programming knowledge or skills, those are required when you want to take rooting to a new level, Then you can reap more benefits from rooting your device. Let’s see how you can download iroot apk & root your Android phone without using a computer (and also using PC).

shall we?

iRoot Apk Download For Android v6.0.1 – Latest Version (vRoot Apk)

What is iRoot Apk?

iRoot is one of the best one-click rooting application for Android, it enables you to root your device either using a computer or without using it.



With the iRoot apk (Formerly known as vRoot apk), you can root your device from PC as well as directly from your Android phone, we will go through the steps that are involved in installing iRoot apk on your phone.

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NameiRoot (formerly vroot)
Size4.6 Mb
CompatibilityAndroid v4.0.1 & later
Stable Versionv6.0.1
No Of Downloads3,45,000+

Download iRoot Apk v3.2.1 Latest Version For Android 2017


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How to use iRoot Apk to root your Android device?

1. Download iRoot apk on your device, you can use the above link for getting it. 

2. After you finish downloading you can install it on your device and launch it.

Root Android Phone using iRoot App

Root Android Phone using iRoot App

3. Now you can click the button “Root Now“, your phone will be rooted instantly.

See how simple it is installing iRoot apk is not a chore, you need minimum things and you don’t have to go through a complicated installation process to have your android phone rooted with this you can enjoy all the advantages that come along with “rooting”.

Features of iRoot Apk;

  • At a cost of nothing you get to enjoy, various Android features that were prohibited by the device manufacturer. Now you won’t be limited by the conditions placed by the manufacturer on your Android device and get to use various features.
  • One of the benefits is that you get to install the latest version of Android a lot sooner than everyone else. The custom ROMs completely change your Android skin.
  • You can definitely Uninstall Preinstalled Apps which you have no use of, and seem to be just taking up unnecessary space on your Android device, it will make handling all the other apps a lot efficient and comfortable.
  • Get rid of the ads which are quite irritating and pop up at an inconvenient time, they even pop up when you are playing interesting games and are just on the verge of winning so this advantage really makes rooting your device worth it.
  • When you root your device you can get Access Blocked Features, have access to new Android systems, PhotoSphere and other new features way before they are released.
  • After all that you can even Boost your Device Performance by installing apps which can automatically hibernate apps, you are not using as well as remove the junk files that are taking up space.
  • You can install root requires apps, which includes tons of opportunities. The free in-app purchasing apps are awesome freedom apk or Game killer from the official source.

That was some of the features of the iroot app we could think, let’s get our hands dirty by downloading iroot apk & rooting the device.

Download & Install iRoot For PC

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1. Download iRoot for PC from the link above. Make use you use WinRar to extract the rar file. After which you can connect your Android device to the PC and enable USB debugging when the software is being installed its advised that you have patience and not touch the USB cable. 

iRoot For PC

iRoot For PC

2. When your phone is connected you will be redirected to a window where you will see the button “Root” at the lower-right corner, click it.

3.  The rooting process will need some time to complete so you will have to wait for that time period after its done you can click on “Complete” to finish the process.

iRoot For PC Download

iRoot For PC Download

That’s it, now you have successfully rooted your Android device using iRoot for PC tool, you could make use of apps like Root Checker to check whether you have proper root permissions or root if you didn’t rinse and repeat the same processor reboot your device once.

Best Root Apps For Android,

CreeHack – Creehack in one of the best Android free in-app purchasing application available for Android, luckily it doesn’t need any root permission to start. Download CreeHack no root access from the official website.

Root Explorer – If you’re an Android user, root explorer is something you should give a shot too. It is one of the best file manager apps for the rooted Android user. Download root explorer which requires root access from the official website.

Freedom Apk – Freedom is also a great Android game hacking app, you should get. using this you can hack in-app purchases and get free gems and coins. Download Freedom apk from the official website.

iRoot Apk FAQs,

Will this void the warranty of my Android device?

Yes, so make sure that you prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, in case something does happen to your phone like if it gets bricked then you will have to pay charges when you take it to a service center. For most parts, iroot will not brick your device, if something went wrong you can revert back to the previous build. 

Is it safe to use iRoot Apk for rooting my Android device?

It is as safe as any rooting application can ever promise to be, right now it is one of the safest methods with which you can root your phone in the least complicated manner. Make sure you download the iRoot app or iRoot for PC from the official and trusted websites like this to ensure your security. 

Can I root my device on PC?

Yes, you will just have to download iRoot for PC, and for the rest, you can follow the above process of how it’s done via PC.

Can I root all my devices using vroot?

You can root all your supported devices using iroot or vroot, if your device isn’t compatible with the app you can check out other one-click android rooting apps like ping pong root apk.


Wrapping up,

Taking note of all the discussed points, it is not hard to come to the conclusion that using iroot apk (also known as vroot apk ) for rooting your Android device has a lot more benefits and it even provides a simplified process of installing and rooting your device, with every service there is a risk of having your phone damaged, you have to make sure that you find an application or services that are reliable and something you can easily understand. iRoot apk actually meets all these requirements and you won’t have to face the issue of your device ever being bricked. this application will also save time that other rooting methods require, with its simple “one-click-install” option.